Welcome to RY International INC.

RY International Inc. is one of the leading Global Steel Trading/Distributing Companies based in New York. Our operations dated back to 1955 in the name of Y Sons and almost two decades ago has continued our steel activities under name of KB Steel in Pakistan and South Asian Market.

Due to our unique financial strength, we have managed to maintain an accelerating steel trading growth. Our wide vision in International Steel Market has transferred us to expansion from regional to Global scale steel operations.

We are specialized in carbon steel products and our main products are hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized steel coils/sheets/strips, plate, rienforcing bar, beams, angles, profiles, wire rods, pipes/tubes, billets, slabs, blooms, ferrous scrap metals, pig iron and iron ore. Our sourcing is global and covers all the main steel importing and exporting regions of the world. Our worldwide premier suppliers in steel industry enables us to provide fast and cost effective solutions through reliable and high quality of wide range of steel products at competitive prices for steel requirements.